Reading German Church Records

(Thanks to Hiltje Zwarberg for his help in compiling this list and aiding the transcriptions)
Handwriting Guide: German Gothic
Here you can learn Suetterlin - the "German handwriting"
German script tutorial
German Suetterlin
German Training
German Script Alphabet Chart
German- English dictionary
Converting Roman to Arabic numerals
My Conversion table Roman to Arabic numerals
Roman numbers for years 2010 11 21.xls
How to read Latin - used when ministers wanted to hid records/Also inludes Roman numerals
German Word List
How to use Goggle Transulate
Practice: Sign up for Family Search Indexing and choose a project (project tab)using Gothic German - use the auditing process as a teacher --
The field helps associated with the this project is very valuable for our task -
definition of symbols: Taufe = baptism; christening; launching - Double wave symbol
Hochzeit = wedding; marriage; nuptials; bridal; golden age
Beerdigung = funeral; burial; interment
Vorlagen sind lose Blätter = Templates are loose sheets
Schriftverlust durch Be schadigung = Scripture loss by Be - ending prejudice
Vor dieser Marke wurden die leeren Seiten nicht aufgenommen = Prior to that mark were not taken up the blank pages
Borlage schwer leserlich, die Schrift verwaschen od. Verblobt Schreibunterlage sehr dunket ad. aus farbigem Papier = Template difficult to read, the writing faded or the prohibition blotter very dunket ad. of colored paper
Good seminar on researching German migration

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