I have two blood lines from the same Crawford ancestor. Click here for a PDF chart showing linage.

When David I, left England to ascend the throne of Scotland in 1124 he was accompanied by many young nobles and adventurers, among them being Reginald, the youngest son of Alan, fourth Earl of Richmond, who was a daring and enterprising youngster and soon became a favorite and rose rapidly. For his desperate and successful defense of a strategic point on the old Roman Road that passes through what is now the village of Crawford in Kilburnie, in Ayrshire, in 1127, he was rewarded with an earldom and large grants of land in Ayrshire, Fifeshire, and Lanarkshire, under the name "Cruford," which is composed of the Gaelic words CRU, meaning "bloody" and FORD, a "way" or "passage," thus "Bloody Pass."

In the cemetery attached to the old Kilburnie Kirk (which was built by an earl of Crawford in 1205) are many monuments and stones with inscriptions dating back 700 years or more in which the name is spelled CRUFORD, then some time later they have it CRAUFORD and for the past three hundred years or more they have spelled it as we do.---------------------------(Charles Travis Crawford, @ 1923) from a web site.

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