The name Lyons in Ireland is derived from either of two native Gaelic Septs. The O'Laighin Sept was based in County Galway whilst the O'Liathain Sept was based in County Cork. Lyne and Lehane are variants of this name.

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No research posted yet, I haven't had time to do so yet. My linage back to the Lyons family from Virginia is: me->Mom->Howard Smith->Edwin B. Smith->Jeanetta Lyons Smith. She married Joseph Smith (Schmidtz) an immigrant from Germany. They raised their family near Yellowbud and Chillicothe, Ohio. They are buried in the cemetery South of Yellowbud. She named her son Edwin Booth Smith, supposedly after the lincoln assassin because being from Virginia, she was a Sounthern sympathiser. Another son went by the name of Oat or Ote. Jeanetta raised two families, the first set of kids all dying in a plaque, then raising another whole set after that.


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