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Jamie Diana Poindexter

At Work:

I have worked at Instructional Communications Systems, University of Wisconsin-Extension since January, 1976. ICS provides teleconference, telecollaborative and distance education technology and support. I manage the Technical Operations Unit which operate the technologies for presenters, teachers and learners. Five full time staff and a dozen University students make up my Operations Team. Some of ICS' public web sites include:

My Resume

Leadership Experiences, Committees, etc.:

My Awards:

UW-Extension Award for Excellence
for applying cutting-edge technology to distance education and communications statewide and worldwide.
Received at UWEX Awards Banquest
October 25, 2001

List of All 2001 Winners

International Teleconferencing Association's
Star Performer Award for Webmaster
of the ITCA web site
July, 1997

TeleSpan's Pace Award
for leadership in the teleconferencing industry
December, 1997


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