Plunkett Crest

The name PLUNKETT is an Irish name, descending from Danish or Norman French stock, arriving in Ireland after the Norman conquest of England. The name was originally established in the Counties Meath and Louth. The celtic spelling is "Pluincˇid".

However, I do not know who my Plunkett immigrant is yet, or where he came from. What I do know is that Sarah Tabitha Plunkett married Waddy Thompson Poindexter. They are buried in Trotter Township Cemetery in Carroll County, Missouri. Her father was Ambrose, b.1782. His parents were Benjamin and Winifred (nee Rucker). Ben's parents were John and Mildred (nee Hawkins). Winifred Rucker's parents were Capt. Ambrose and Mary (nee Tinsley). John's father was also a John.

  NEW! August 2000: I have a PDF printed from my Family Tree Maker data of the descendants of that first John Plunkett. It is very small font size to fit on one page, so you will have to zoom in to read it. To view it, you need to click here.

The research continues...

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