Smith (Schmidt) and Lyons

Much of my information on the Smith's came from my Great Aunt, Jeanette Smith McCracken, FEB 1903 - FEB 2000. As a child, she had met some of the Ohio family members. Following her sketchy information, I did visit Ross County, Ohio. Here is what little I know.

Louis (Schmidt) Smith = Jeanetta (or Jeanette) Lyons

They had four children (George B., Lewis P., Rebecca Jane, unknown) that all died of Scarlet Fever in 1860. One child, Jeanetta survived, only to die at age 22 in 1881 after marrying George B. Thompson. Five more children were born after the Fever, they were:

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Photo of Jeanette

Jeanette Agnes Smith McCracken, my Great Aunt, was a heroine of mine. She was born near Decatur, Illinois, on February 27, 1903 to Edwin Booth Smith and Josephine Van Dongen. Jeanette was a lady before her time. She graduated from the University of Illinois and became a high school math and science teacher. She tutored me in Algebra and Physics when I was in school. During one visit in the 1980's, I brought along some new technology called slow-scan television. With it, we transmitted still frame television pictures from rural LaBelle, Missouri back to the University of Wisconsin using her telephone line. She thought that was pretty neat.

She married Doctor Harry L. McCracken. Jeanette left us for the next life on February 1, 2000. For more details, visit her memorial page. NOTE: the memoriaI includes pictures from her funeral that some may be sensitive to.




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