Jamie Poindexter 

Genetic Genealogist






Genetic genealogy is the use of genealogical DNA tests, i.e., DNA profiling and DNA testing, in combination with traditional genealogical methods, to infer genetic relationships between individuals.

Jamie has been doing genealogical research since 1969 and genetic genealogy since 2016. Today she supports members of the Poindexter Descendants Association with their family history research. She is chair of the PDA's Family History Research Committee.

She also is the group administrator of the Poindexter DNA Group at FamilyTreeDNA.com. In addition, she co-adminsters the Puls (and Boltz) DNA Project and the Stutenberg DNA Project.

During the pandemic, most of her research has been done online using Ancestry.com, FamilySearch.org, Newspapers.com, and many other online resources. DNA testing has also been useful to confirm clients' membership in a family tree. Jamie asists clients in understanding their matches reported by their DNA results.

Member of International Sociaty if Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG)


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Previous Career:

Retired from Telecommunications - Technology - Management - Consulting
Teleconferencing (audio, web, video, telepresence), Telecollaboration, Distance Training and Learning

Jamie Poindexter is an experienced telecommunications technology project manager.

Jamie has over 35 years of experience in the teleconference and telecollaboration industry, distance education services and audio/visual equipment for training and education.  She is experienced in unified communications, audioconferencing, webconferencing, videoconferencing and streaming. Jamie is experienced with equipment by manufacturers such as Cisco, Poly, Compunetix, Inteletrax, ClearOne, Extron, Crestron, Elluminate, LiveMeeting, Inteletrax, and more.  She also understands the user experience and the design and management of learning spaces. 

Jamie's experience came while employed 1976-2012 by the University of Wisconsin-Extension's Instructional Communications Systems, where she researched and implemented the latest collaboration technologies. As Director of Engineering and Service Development, she led research and development efforts to provide ICS' users with the latest and best tools for meeting, training and learning at a distance. She is considered by many as a pioneer in teleconferencing and received a Pace Award from TeleSpan stating so. She also received UW-Extension's Award for Excellence for applying cutting-edge technology to distance education and communications statewide and worldwide.



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