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Teleconferencing (audio, web, video, telepresence), Telecollaboration, Distance Training and Learning


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"I highly recommend Jamie Poindexter for technology project management and consulting. I worked closely with Jamie for 16 years in my position as Manager of Learning Design and Outreach at Instructional Communications Systems, University of Wisconsin-Extension. Jamie's expertise in the technology area of distance learning is unmatched. In addition, Jamie has a strong sense of aesthetics and design. She has been instrumental in the design and maintenance of many "state of the art" distance learning rooms. Jamie is also a collaborator, a team player, and a "people person." She is a joy to work with!"
Rosemary M. Lehman, Partner in eInterface.

"I have worked with Jamie for many years in the field of Internet video conferencing. She is always a cheerful fountain of knowledge and experience in all things related to this and similar topics. She has helped the university communities and myself in many ways, thru her leadership and willingness to pitch in and do whatever is needed. I am pleased to have her as a respected colleague."
Bob Dixon, Chief Research Engineer at Ohio State U. and OSCnet

"I feel honored to write this recommendation letter on behalf of Jamie Poindexter.   I have known Jamie for nearly three decades. I first experienced Jamie's extraordinary knowledge of videoconferencing and collaboration technologies when the Wisconsin Technical College System was developing a 'Distance Education Network' throughout Wisconsin. The early technologies and range of Telcos for rural Wisconsin needed both technical expertise and someone who is very skilled in customer service - that is Jamie Poindexter. She worked directly with customers to assist in conference setup and equipment use in a professional and courteous manner (excellent communication and interpersonal skills), provided miscellaneous reports and documentation, and helped grow the network with advanced technologies.  Jamie is a leader who understands the potential, the challenges, the policies and the attitudes - she is tireless and has a proven record of success in the electronic environment in Wisconsin, and beyond."
Alice Anderson, UW-Madison, Division of Information Technology

"I have known Jamie almost as long as I have worked at NTC. Throughout that time, I have worked with her on several projects from small to large. She has always been very helpful, both in her knowledge of technology, and what works best in educational settings. I could always count on open, honest opinions during our discussions. She is truly a great asset to any project or team." 
Tim Dunbar, Northcentral Technical College

"Jamie is acknowledged expert statewide in video transport across networks. She has been my "go to" person when I ran into problems I could not resolve or when I reached the limits of what I know in the field of videoconferencing and network transport."
Donald Schleicher, Distance Ed Operations Mgr at Univ of Wisc - Eau Claire

"I worked with Jamie to inform and educate the WiscNet membership in the use of video over IP when video over IP was a very new technology. We did a lot of work to educate and create collaborations between the broadcasting world and the networking world, which at the time were universes apart from each other. Jamie's attention to detail and passion for technology was a critical piece to the successful merging of those two worlds."
Kika Barr,
Network Support Services Manager at WiscNet

"I worked with Jamie Poindexter and the University of Wisconsin from the early 80's through the mid 1990's as a customer/partner with Darome Teleconferencing, Teleconferencing Technology and Telaid Services.  Jamie always professional inn her approach to business and acquisitions for the University.  A great individual partner with to provide the solutions for the advancement of the Universities education network.  Since our business days, we have maintained a professional relationship with multiple conversations on the state of the industry and the its progress.  I also had the privilege to work with Jamie as members of the International Teleconferencing Association (ITCA).   Jamie always took the high road for the advancement of the Industry for both the user and vendor community.  It is a honor to recommend Jamie Poindexter unconditionally."
Tom Parker, VP of Sales - Owner, Teleconferencing Technologies

"Jamie is one of the leaders in our university and the state of Wisconsin for video-related services and technologies."
Ron Kraemer, former CIO, University of Wisconsin-Extension

"I've worked with Jamie as a colleague and as a customer. She has extraordinary knowledge of videoconferencing and collaboration technologies, and is very skilled in customer service. And she has an astute sense of the business parts of VC and collaboration."
Dave Devereaux-Weber, network consultant, University of Wisconsin-Madison


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